Upstate Mortgage has been serving the state of South Carolina since 1993 and as a licensed and bonded mortgage broker can provide options that a single lender or bank simply cannot.
Their office can handle loans anywhere in the state of South Carolina. You can sit down with them in the office or they can handle your transaction by phone and email as well, setting up everything from start to finish.
Upstate Mortgage is not a big impersonal corporation. They are your neighbors and friends. You can sit down in their office and discuss your options, knowing that they have been here for the community for over 21 years and will continue to be here for the future. Their goal is to structure the loan that works best for you and they recognize that everyone is different with different desires, needs, and goals.
Upstate Mortgage tries not to turn away anyone but in this tough mortgage market, it sometimes takes a little extra effort. At Upstate Mortgage you will not only find mortgage professionals that are willing to help you find the loan you need, but you will find someone willing to help you establish a plan for the future so that you can realize what they still feel is the American Dream – owning your own home.

Valerie Lee - President, Upstate Mortgage, your South Carolina Mortgage Broker

Valerie Lee, Owner and South Carolina resident
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