January 11, 2018 | Jordan Corbett
The internet adds an aspect to the real estate search that is quick, efficient, convenient, and misguiding. Wait…misguiding?

Yes, although online home searching puts the entire MLS right at our fingertips and brings the imprisoned MLS to the hands of the masses, it takes out that one go-between, that we once so heavily relied on, the full time real estate professional.

It is almost a daily occurrence when my phone rings and there is a prospective buyer on the other end of the line who is comfortably situated within arm’s reach of their phone or tablet, browsing through properties and diligently searching for their dream home.

Gone are the days of driving all over town, perusing open houses, looking for signs to see what new properties have hit the market. Everything a buyer could ask for in a home search, all within the comforts of their own home. This scenario seems like to include everything, but in fact, it is missing one key element, interaction with a full time real estate professional. It is this missing piece that leads to the number one asked question I receive on these phone calls, “ We have wanted to buy a home for a long time, and we have been searching online for months, but we have no idea where to start, or how to do this, how does this work?”.

Out of all of the questions I am asked this is my favorite. I enjoy working with first time home buyer because we have all been there. We all have a dream at some point of being homeowners, and as homeowners we were all first-time homebuyers at one time! If you think back to your situation when you started your first home search there were many unknowns and unfortunately many people give up on the unknowns and ultimately give up on their dreams of home ownership before the journey even begins!

If I could give one piece of advice before you start the home search, and I give this advice to all of my buyers, both first time buyers and the seasoned veterans, it is to speak with a local lender whom your Realtor trusts and has worked with in the past. This mortgage professional will give you a plan of action based on your credit, debt to income ration etc. to make your home buying dreams a reality. Once you have a plan in place and a mortgage preapproval in hand you are ready to start the search.

At this point it is wise to sit down with your Realtor, or have an in-depth conversation regarding what you want to accomplish at the end of all this. What is your timeframe? What location do you need to be in? Do you have a lease, and if so when is it up, or if you break the lease is there a lease breakage fee? After you close on your home, when will you have to pay your first mortgage payment? What are the most important features to have in your new home, and what can you add or change later? All these questions and more will need to be addressed and answered by you and your Realtor discussing the next steps in your journey. Once you have your loan pre-approval and the foundations have been laid, you are ready for the part you have been anxiously anticipating,  it is time to go look at some homes!

Good luck with your journey to homeownership, and as always you can contact me with any questions you may have about the process of buying a home. If you need to speak with a trusted local lender I can get you in touch with someone. Send any questions to my email at jcorbett@cbcaine.com, or shoot me a text at 864-421-3611. I am always available and I am ready to help you achieve your dreams of homeownership today!


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